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Odour Control & Treatment

Offensive smells can be generated from various industrial processes, wet carpeting as well as fire. These problems can occur on residential as well as commercial premises and can cause a number of health issues as well as respiratory problems.

Aside from this, foul odours on your property also create a very poor impression of your home or business. These odours aren’t something that you can get rid of very easily. Some of them are so strong and embedded in various features that standard cleaning methods aren’t at all effective in eliminating them.

These odours can be extremely unpleasant. They will continue to linger in the indoor spaces of your home for a very long time unless you decide to hire the services of professionals for odour control and treatment in Perth .

The indoor environment on any property is generally made up of colour, lighting, temperature, and smell. Any kind of unpleasant odours can result in depression, discomfort, nausea as well as headaches etc.

Why Timely Odour Control And Treatment Is Important

Unfortunately, there are a number of different causes of unpleasant odours. Sometimes these can also arise without any direct influences such as animal secretions, rot, fire damage or water damage. This is exactly what makes odour neutralization in Perth quite a complex problem to deal with. Since these smells can be unpleasant as well as harmful to your health, it becomes necessary to tackle the problem without delay.

Our Solutions

We at Flood Services provide excellent odour control treatments in Perth and offer a range of solutions such as:

  • Controlled fumigation methods
  • Use of high-efficiency air purifying equipment with HEPA filters
  • Cleaning of all the affected areas and installations, with products that are specifically made for each situation.
  • Once all the washing has been done, all the fabric and clothing will be ozonised in a room that is dedicated for this specific purpose

We offer start to end odour neutralisation solutions to our clients. For example, if your cupboards need to be emptied of all your clothes and the curtains in your home need to be taken down, our team will do that for you. Once the treatment has been completed they will put everything back in its place methodically.


Odour Neutralisation- The Benefits

  • Our experts carry out the application very efficiently and you are able to start using the room as before in about 12 hours
  • The active agent that we use has a long-term action even at very high temperatures, and it is totally odourless
  • Our specialised odour control treatment in Perth is effective in getting rid of odours caused by animal secretions, decomposition odours, excessive smoking, water damage, fire etc.

Reasons to choose us

  • We always prioritise providing our clients the best solutions. This is why we organise the treatment as per your convenience and availability.
  • Our Perth odour control and treatment specialists make sure that all the work is completed within the shortest possible time and with the least amount of disturbance to your property.
  • We hire only the best technicians in the field that have years of experience behind them.
  • We go the extra mile to ensure that our clients are well informed about the process that we follow in our work.
  • Our company uses the latest and most advanced techniques and equipment, which improves the efficiency of our staff
  • The team undergoes regular training in order to keep their skills updated
  • We use certified cleaning products that are nontoxic in nature, and do not cause any harm to people on the property, or even the environment


All of these services come at a very pocket-friendly price tag which means you always get value for money when you hire us. For prompt and effective Perth odour control and treatment, we are the company to call. For any more information, feel free to contact Flood Services at 1800 908 908. You can get a free quote online when you enquire.


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  1. Cordoning the area. Mould removal always requires you to start by sealing the area with plastic and tape before doing any work. This prevents the potentially dangerous mould spores contained in the work area itself, instead of distributing the mould throughout the house.
  2. A water vacuum cleaner will clean stagnant water and water-soaked surfaces, as well as vacuum the mould itself. Using a dry vacuum to remove mould because is not a good idea because it will cause the mould spores launch into the air.
  3. We will clean the area using everything we have. This can include scrubbing, scraping, cleaning dust and dirt with vacuum, and even the removal of construction materials, furniture and anything else affected by mould. Everything that is extracted from the area should be put in plastic bags and labelled before being disposed of.
  4. Making sure the area is dry is the last step. We make sure that we have thoroughly dried the area by using fans, dehumidifiers. If it does not dry completely before performing restoration work, it is very likely to have mould spread in your house again. If you have black mould, green mould, or any other type, call Flood Services so that we can provide you with a mould removal service as soon as possible. Do not forget your home and your health depend on this.

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