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Importance of Wet Carpet Drying

Mould spores find water-damaged carpets an attractive nesting place for growth and spread. The longer your carpet is wet, the damper the air in your house or place of work, and the greater the likelihood that you will detect the unpleasant odour of a damp, moist carpet and see the onset of mould development. At Flood Services Perth, we provide excellent wet carpet drying services.

Why Immediate Wet Carpet Drying in Perth Matters

Wet carpet caused by floods, broken pipes, washing machine, dishwasher, and bath overflows tends to soak vast expanses of water. It needs special equipment and techniques to extract the water, dry the carpeting, and treat it for mould prevention. If your carpets stay wet for longer than 24 to 48 hours, you will undoubtedly have mould damage.

Because flood damage spreads rapidly and can end up causing secondary damage like mould and mildew that is not visible, we consider flood-damaged carpet drying and clean-up highly important. Our team will respond with our 247 emergency relief service, where qualified professionals will begin the assessment and create an effective plan within an hour of receiving your call anywhere in Perth.

The steps we use to dry your drenched carpets are explained below:

Our qualified carpet drying Perth professionals will execute a comprehensive procedure to dry your wet carpets and avoid future mould contamination difficulties in your house or workplace.

1. Assessing the Water Damaged Carpet

Using specialised tools and monitors to assist our evaluations, we examine and classify the source and level of water damage. We assess the carpets, their underlay and subfloor, and if the flood damage has spread to the walls.

2. Defining the Scope Of The Job

Then, we establish the water extraction, carpet drying, cleaning, and restoration strategy that will be implemented, as well as any further work that will be required. At this point, we can offer reasonably accurate estimates of the expenses and time necessary to dry your carpeting and repair any additional water damage found in your house. We will inform you of what may be restored to its pre-loss condition and whether your carpet and the underlay can be salvaged or must be replaced instead.

3. Water Extraction

We employ specialised water extraction vacuuming technology with a substantial amount of airflow and vacuum pressure to collect the most possible standing water. By eliminating surplus water, we may significantly limit secondary damage and favourably influence the length of time required to dry the structure and its materials to a balanced moisture level.

4. Managing Water Damage Odour, Bacteria Contamination and Air Quality

We utilise antimicrobial treatments to disinfect, manage, and prevent the spread of microorganisms on water-damaged carpets. This procedure protects your house or company from potential mould problems. We also utilise specific treatments to reduce the unpleasant scents and odours frequently accompanying a wet or flooded carpet.

5. Wet Carpet Drying Perth

After the surplus water has been extracted from your carpets, we utilise industrial-strength Air Movers to push air onto the wet carpets, underlayment, and subfloor to dry these surfaces completely. Dehumidifiers are also utilised to collect the moisture discharged into the atmosphere in during the drying process.

If this moisture is not eliminated, it will adhere to other materials in your house or place of business, resulting in additional damage from mould and mildew. If we deem it essential, we will raise your wet carpeting and underlay to optimise the drying of the damaged subfloor and these items. As part of our water-damaged carpet restoration procedure, we will reinstall any underlay or carpet that removed during the drying process.

Thorough Drying Carpet Perth Services

We oversee the whole restoration process, from carpet drying through carpet sanitation and, if necessary, professional carpet cleaning, carpet removal, and carpet replacement. We keep our customers apprised of our work and disclose any difficulties using a comprehensive management strategy.

We can offer final reports on completed work and the rationale for further steps. This reporting facilitates insurance claims and expedites and simplifies the settlement procedure. We are pleased to work with inspectors and loss assessors and are familiar with their needs.

24/7 Wet Carpet Drying and Cleaning

We are the only flood restoration Perth company you will need to call when you face any flood damage situation in your residential or commercial building. We have invested in the latest technology and tools, and our team is knowledgeable, well-trained and licensed. You can trust us to complete drying carpet Perth and other related tasks to industry standards. We are available 24/7 to rush to your location and address your needs in water damage situations.

Contact Flood Services Perth at 08 9468 8413 for additional information about our wet carpet drying services. You can book a service through this online form, and we will get back to you soon to discuss your requirements. We are your local flood damage expert that can handle all types of commercial and residential requests.


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