Things You Will Have To Deal With When Experiencing Water Damage


In the event of a flooding or water damage occurrence within your property, there are several considerations you will have to face as you begin the cleanup and remediation process.

Flooded Flooring

To start out, any existing carpet must be removed in order for a water damage/mould specialist to examine the sub-flooring and initiate floor drying methods. When salvaging your carpet, the three following flood-water types can help to identify whether the carpet and underlay has the potential to be may be restored.

. Clean Water

Clean water is water that does not contain any contaminants. It will not pose any harm when it comes in contact with live elements. If clean water comes in contact with elements such as soil, and chemicals it is no longer clean and therefore unpotable.

. Grey Water

Grey water is water that does not contain any solid animal or human waste, nonetheless it has been utilised as a toilet and is unsanitary. This particular water has possibility resulting in illness, and has the potential to carry disease.

. Black Water

Black water is water containing hazardous contaminants which are usually derived from sewage and toilet back flows. To guard your household’s health, carpets and underlay should always be eliminated, disposed of and changed.

Electrical hazards after water damage

All the electrical’s inside the property must be turned off and examined by an electrician before they can be switched back on. All wires must be completely dried, even behind the walls. Mud may be extensive and could have polluted electrical components.

Structural hazards after water damage

It is always better to have your property assessed by a water damage expert to make sure that it is secure. Sometimes walls will have to be remediated professionally or fully replaced. This will depend on the severity and depth of the flood water and their contaminants. It is always best to have your building fully assessed by a flood damage expert to see just what should be done.

Mould removal & prevention after water damage

Another common issue that may arise after water and flood damage could be the growth of mould. Mould can be extremely damaging if left unattended over a lengthy time frame and happens to be directly connected with allergies, itchy eyes, sore throat, respiratory problems (asthma), rashes, lung infections and also cancer. Many individuals are not properly educated on the risks associated with inhaling these microscopic mould spores.

A water damage professional could have several years of expertise in removing mould, however they will only utilise the safest, most reliable practices for mould elimination to ensure that it completely killed off and averted from returning. 

When you suffer from water and flood damage, it can be emotionally and financially stressful. Call in for experts in water extraction like Flood Services Perth for when you have a flooded home and you are in need to eliminate all the water before  further damage occurs.