A water damage event is a very unpleasant experience for almost any home or company owner. While there are certain methods to prepare ready for water damage and mould, these precautions merely minimise the potential risks and likelihood of a flood-damage event. There is a very slim chance that a resident can completely eradicate the chance of water damage and mould, but having a familiarity with what you should do in this situation can help towards protecting your organisation, colleagues, home, and family.


Water damage and mould is an umbrella term used to explain a multitude of occurrences that will cause loss because of the intrusion of water into a building. There are certain ways that water damage and mould can corrupt your property or office, including: rotting of wood, delaminating of plywood, and rusting of steel. These water damage and mould effects can accumulate during a period of time as a result of leaky pipes as well as other slowly intruding sources.


Water damage and mould could be a disastrous and instantaneous event, such as a burst pipe or plumbing failure. In such cases, a huge quantity of flooding, water damage and mould can occur. In the case of such a catastrophe, is vital to not panic and focus on the safety of colleagues, family, and friends as soon as possible. Once safety is ensured, the next phase is calling a flood, water damage and mould expert. Even though it is tempting to get rid of water damage and mould yourself, it is strongly advised not to!


Leaks in residential roofing

Homeowners are usually alert to the risks of roof leaks, since they are quite typical. This is especially valid in places where winter’s reach freezing temperatures. Although we might not have to be concerned about that here in north park, a leaking roof can certainly still be an important cause of concern. Even leaks in your roofing could cause devastation when a storm arrives.


Leaks in piping

A huge contributor to household water damage and mould simply arises from leaky pipes. In the event that threat is not severe, you can easily call a well-reviewed plumbing specialist to battle this particular water intrusion. However, if you have a critical burst in your piping, contact us at the earliest opportunity. Damage brought on by an important pipe burst can be extremely serious, causing great problems for your premises.


Household Appliances

A rather common reason behind residential water damage and mould is probably leakage from household appliances. Refrigerators, automatic washers, and toilet back flow are typical major contributors to residential water intrusion. A powerful way to fight these types of water damages is by inspecting your appliances regularly and repairing them over summer and winter. However, different appliances call for different measures. A leaky automatic washer will release grey water, while toilet back flow will contain raw sewage. In the event that you experience toilet back flow, call a water damage specialist immediately, because sewage water is quite dangerous and must certainly be removed by a specialist.

Some believe they are able to handle a water damage and mould problem on their own, but this is actually not advised. By calling a Perth water damage and mould professional, it can save you thousands of dollars in repairs and hours and hours of unnecessary labour. If you go through a water damage event in your Perth home, you may be encouraged to get hold of a reliable water damage specialist like Flood Services as quickly as possible.