Burst pipes are usually the most common factor in the event of water damage and mould growth occurring inside a home. There are specific factors that cause ruptured pipes that are not purely related to weather conditions. The following factors include:


Until you purchase a new home, it’s likely that the pipes in your premises are made of cast iron and steel. As time passes, each one of these materials might decay as well as deteriorate the pipes, triggering them to , at some point break. Modern houses come with copper plus PVC pipes, which can withstand rust. Although it is quite pricey to install new plumbing lines through a property, it is definitely recommended to do so.

Hard water

Water consists of a number of minerals, but an excess of magnesium mineral as well as calcium is known as “hard water”. It is secure for human beings and animals to consume, though it may have an unusual taste. However It is not risk-free for the pipe plumbing; these types of minerals can develop up as part of your pipes. As time passes, the buildup reduces along the flow of water and certainly begin to rust and damage the pipes. Holes can begin to form and enable water to drip out and result in water damage and mould inside your home. One good way to limit the destruction hard water inflicts on your plumbing system is to set up a water softener, which can eliminate both calcium and magnesium from the water.

Poor Installation

If the pipes are not constructed correctly or mounted properly it is inevitable that will experience issues. An unhealthy soldering task or loose connection in your plumbing system may cause a pipe to rupture and this will normally occur when your least anticipate it.

The most frequent indication of a ruptured pipe is standing water. There are various signs in which indicate pipe problems a long time before you ought to take out the gumboots. It is a smart idea to regularly search around for your property for warning signs such as wall stains (this is where your walls and ceiling have discoloration because of water, and this might be the only sign you discover for a ruptured pipe as part of your wall through to the water ultimately soaks through the drywall); discoloured water (your tap water looks brownish, which means it is not safe to bathe or clean your property with rusty water and it is important to keep in mind that you cannot use consume this water in any way); Lastly, low water pressure (when pressure suddenly slows down, this means that a pipe could have recently fractured and started to leak)

In the event that you suspect a burst pipe, it is essential to take prompt action to avoid major problems like mould growth. Very often the residents will not even notice until it is too late and professional water damage and mould restoration will be very necessary. The good thing to know is that you can call in for professional water damage and mould specialist’s like Flood Services Perth that can offer a solution fast and promptly.